Construction projects require a lot of planning such as designing, architect, flooring, finishes, and other elements that will contribute towards the successful structuring of the property. Before you start with the construction project it is important to check that the site you choose is a suitable one.

Selecting the right site is essential for a successful commercial construction project. Investing in the wrong one can cause your project to get delayed, security and safety issues, extra expenses, and a lot of headaches!

Here are few things your need to ponder while investigating the site for a commercial construction project

The size of the property seems to be a pretty obvious consideration. Understanding if the structure will fit on the site, where you are planning to build it. Apart from this you also need to consider the following factors;

– How much parking space do you require for employees and visitors?

– Do you require retention ponds from rooftops or hard surface area?

– Would you require extra space for loading/unloading, multiple entry points, trash disposals, etc.

– How much space needs to be allotted for landscaping?

– Does your site have enough space for any future expansion?

Many times owners while making decisions underestimate the size of land they would require for their project. So while investing make sure you have looked through your present and future requirements.

Environmental factors can also impact the building of commercial property by causing delays or adding more to the expense. So not just focusing on weather, here are few other things you need to consider when it comes to focusing on environmental factors.

– Composition of soil and its quality

– Does the site come under a flood zone?

– Are there any water bodies nearby?

– Are there any archaeological sites nearby?

It is necessary to conduct environmental research to avoid any major issues later

Does the site come with utilities? If yes. How does it benefit you? Does it need an upgrade? Well, here is how you can evaluate;

-Is municipal water available?

-Is the site equipped with a sewer system?

-Is the site equipped with a nearby transportation system?

-Will you require installing natural gas lines?

-Is the site having provision of telecom lines and providers?

For constructing a modern workplace, you require utilities that you can depend upon and technology that provides accessibility.

Your site must come with roads and transportation accessibility. Having better roadways and transportation connectivity helps in developing a better customer and workforce base.

– Would you prefer roadway visibility?

– Does your business require accessibility towards airports, railways, and others?

– Are your site nearby areas installed with safety features such as traffic lights, speed bumps, street lights, and service roads?

– Is there any limitation on the movement of heavy vehicles such as trucks?

There is a state and local agency that works on determining the zonal requirement for the usage of lands. So, check whether the site is meant for commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural purposes.

– Check if your site matches zonal regulations and requirements

– Is commercial activity allowed?

– Are there any restrictions on construction?

In case you require expanding into new territory or want to go for community buy-in then you need to check,

– Are there any potential audience or customers in the area?

– Is your site situated near an educational facility that provides internships, industrial courses, or apprenticeships for the employees or workforce?

– Is the economy sturdy or can hamper your business growth in the future?

– Are there any tax incentives for construction in that area?

The bottom line

For commercial construction, it is beneficial for hiring a commercial contractor that would assist in selecting the right site and ensure that all regulations are followed. Diminishing surprises and issues can aid in completing your project on time and that too on a budget.

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