Why Is Checking for Lead Paint So Important?

The presence of lead in a residential property should be a source of concern for anyone looking to buy a home. Lead is such a challenging contaminant because, in addition to being present in the paint used in the house, it can also aerosolize and be found in the air and dust in a home. Lead is a very toxic material and below, we will look at some scenarios that make it essential that a house or home be inspected for lead.

Dangers to Small Children

Although lead is toxic to everyone, children are affected a lot worse than adults. This is because of their weight and the fact that children are a lot more likely to be poisoned than adults. Small children will usually pick up things and put them in their mouths. If there are lead paint chips in the house, small kids might put these chips in the mouth and be poisoned this way. If there is lead paint dust in the house, children crawling around will pick the dust up with their hands and then put these hands in their mouths.

Dangers During Renovation

If you want to renovate your house, you need to ensure that a thorough lead inspection is done. Many people go out to the hardware store and get a lead testing kit. Although these kits can be useful in some instances, they are not helpful in homes that have been repainted.

When it has settled on the walls, lead is not dangerous. It is only when it starts shipping and coming off the walls that it becomes dangerous. A new coat of paint can help prevent this but this level of protection is eliminated when you start a new renovation project.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project, it is important to have a certified inspector come check out the house. To ensure the best results, check that the inspector has completed an EPA-approved lead-testing course and has the right certifications such as the Zota Pro’s EPA lead paint certification. In addition to testing the home for lead, certified contractors can also safely remove any remnants of lead paint to ensure it does not become a problem in the future.

You Need to Know Before Renting

If you want to rent part of your property, you need to determine if there is lead paint in the walls. Remember that all sellers and landlords are legally required to disclose any hazards in their home including lead paint and asbestos. The best way to ensure your tenants or buyer is informed is to have these inspections done.

Remember that a home testing kit will not suffice in these situations because you need to dig a few levels deep if the home has been repainted to ensure any lead-based danger is eliminated. 

Lead paint is a serious issue in older homes, especially those built before 1978. Even in cases where a home has been repainted, it is important to have it inspected for lead and stripping it of the paint, and redoing the paint to ensure maximum safety.

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