Why Are Dark Quartz Countertops So Popular?

Granite and marble have always been the trend for kitchen countertops and countertops in commercial buildings too. This lasted up until quartz came in. Since quartz countertops were introduced, it has been the popular option of countertops, be it light or dark quartz countertops.

Quartz is used for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, and similar spaces that require worktops and surfaces. They give your home a classy, royal, exquisite, urban, or divine feeling; even more so, depending on the style, pattern, and color you go for.

Dark countertops have always been the popular selection for quartz countertops. If you wonder why these dark countertops are so popular, here, we will be giving you a few reasons why dark quartz countertops are so popular.

Why Dark Quartz Countertops are so Popular

Dark countertops are popular in new homes and recently revamped homes and spaces. Quartz, in general, has several unique features that make it an excellent countertop material, one of which is durability. Dark quartz countertops add aesthetics and style to your space while increasing its financial value. See below for more reasons dark quartz countertops are popular.


The aesthetic feature is the number one characteristic of dark countertops as they transform the look of your space to another dimension, making it the center of attraction. While they are similar to the look for natural stone, quartz countertops are even more versatile, available in different styles, designs, and patterns to suit your taste.

Dark quartz countertops with a gold veining pattern will reflect an aura of power and divinity in your space. This site offers some of the best and most trendy quartz patterns for fine dark countertops.


This is one of the most well-loved qualities of quartz countertops, especially in areas that endure considerable day-to-day use. 

Quartz is a popular man-made countertop mostly seen in the kitchen and bathrooms of both residential and commercial properties. They are engineered stones, composed of natural quartz, polymer resin, and binding agents.

The engineering involved in constructing quartz makes it close to indestructible. With this, you can tell that they are an excellent investment even with the high cost of dark quartz, as they will last nearly a lifetime.

Quartz is a more gracious countertop material than granite and is less prone to dents and cracks. You will notice how many manufacturers of quartz offer lifetime warranties; this is because they have so much confidence in the durability of the material.

Coupled with the bold look of dark quartz countertops, you will no longer have a fear of cracking your countertop. In addition to all their durability features and characteristics, they are resistant to corrosion caused by cleaning products, cooking oils, makeups, and other liquids.


Do you want your kitchen to have a 5-star look? Try a dark countertop. For a fascinating effect, try a dark quartz countertop. Many patterns will suit dark countertops and even adds to the aesthetics and value.

 Low Maintenance 

Other popular materials for countertops like marble and granite are porous to some extent, meaning they can absorb water and other liquids. However, quartz, on the other hand, is non-porous and even resistant to stains. No more worrying about spilled liquids on the countertop. Just wipe it off and make your dark quartz countertop shine brighter, giving you that sense of depth you need.

The fact that they are non-porous reduces the risk of bacteria hanging around. Once cleaned, they are spotless. However, you should note that you will likely leave marks of your fingers on the surface if you don’t wipe carefully enough.

Despite the low maintenance requirement of dark quartz countertops, it would help if you regularly wipe off the surface to remove dust and dirt, whether visible or not. This will reduce the likeliness of stains in case liquid spills.

High Return on Investment

When dark quartz countertops are installed in a property, be it residential or commercial, it increases the investment value and commercial worth of that property. This is what makes the high cost of acquiring quartz be overlooked; because, in the long run, it is worth your money’s value, especially as they don’t require much maintenance. In addition, they are tough, so there might be no need for replacement except one wants to change the style, which is rare.


Quartz is a very versatile material both in design and color blend. So, if you want a natural or solid slab, you have that option. 

Quartz is designed in multiple colors, but since we are talking dark quartz countertops, let us stick to dark countertops. In the manufacturing process of dark quartz countertops, color pigments are integrated to achieve various styles.

Dark quartz countertops come in a variety of tones and color shades. Homeowners can choose styles that create a sleek, minimalistic vibe, or opt for more mysterious, dramatic, or opulent colors and patterns. These countertops also come in different finishes and can suit any home aesthetic. 

As part of the versatility of quartz, they can be used as backsplash and shower enclosure, so they are not limited to countertops only. In simpler terms, they are suitable for a wide variety of renovation projects, be it countertops or other units.


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