What Is The Best App To Route Furniture Deliveries?

A delivery route planner tool can benefit all delivery organizations, regardless of how many stops are on their route. After all, the more efficiently your route is designed, the less time your drivers spend on the road, and the more cost-effective your total operations will be.

However, there are other solutions available. Which delivery route planner is the best fit for your company? When it comes to buying, what is the best routing app that should be at the forefront of your mind? 

Here, we’ll look at five different delivery routing applications to see how they aid organizations in the delivery industry and help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Onfleet

The option to build individual driver profiles, each with its start and end locations, shift schedules, and vehicle capacity, sets this route software apart from others. This is critical for larger fleets with several drivers and smaller enterprises looking for a scalable solution that can scale with them.

It will optimize your routes after your driver information is entered, allowing you to dispatch your drivers. The software will be available on drivers’ mobile devices, and you will be able to track their progress via the web dashboard.

2. RouteXL

This is a multi-stop route planner that finds the optimum path for deliveries, pickups, and services. When these routes are developed with the help of smart algorithms that sort addresses to reduce their duration, they are optimized.

Enter your starting point and all of the destinations you want to visit on the map, press the button and calculate the route. You may then email or print the route to your drivers.

3. Flightmap

Another basic route planning option is Flightmap. It works the same way as RouteXL, providing the quickest route based on the addresses entered and optimization options such as top jobs per vehicle and trip duration restriction.

However, unlike other route apps, Flightmap’s free plan allows for up to 200 stops per car each month for up to two vehicles.

4. MapQuest

MapQuest is similar to Google Maps. However, there is a restriction to the list of addresses you can enter. You can upload addresses through spreadsheet upload, much like the other alternatives on this list. Your route will then be optimized for free, with stops reordered to make it as efficient as possible, giving you the choice of choosing between the shortest time and the smallest distance traveled.

MapQuest is unusual because it allows you to make your route around the journey. An SMS link can be used to send routes to your drivers.

5. Route4Me

Route4Me’s marketplace catalog, which allows for customization, is popular among larger delivery companies, notably in the service IT business.

However, several free features with other systems, such as Onfleet, are accessible for a price with this program. Real-time driver tracking, for example, is not included in any of the regular programs.

Route4Me, like Onfleet, can handle single-driver and multi-driver routes. It also allows you to optimize your roots based on specific criteria, such as avoiding motorways and tolls. It also includes GPS tracking and driver data, which is shown in a dashboard so you can compare expected vs. actual journey timings.

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