Ultimate Cozy Fall Pumpkin Bookshelf

I wanted to make myself happy today… so a little over the top creative idea popped into my brain. And like a true creative, when I get a little crazy idea in my head, I can’t concentrate on anything else but making that vision come to life.

A little background into this space and look. This actually use to be our office way back when… fast forward 6 years this is going to be the main bedroom for Jose and I. This is one side (on the interior) where we built out that addition you have seen me talking about lately. Before I landed on this idea, we used this space as storage for a lot of decor we weren’t using at the moment. Jose built these custom floor to ceiling shelves, and they were great. Sadly, they need to come down in order to put a little door in place of the window, for future plans (that I will share later on). In all the madness of taking out this wall and getting this room in full construction mode for our bedroom, I wanted to make a pumpkin wall… yes an entire wall of pumpkins.

And as always, in good spirit, Jose loved the idea so much that he couldn’t say no. Even though he was putting it up, to take a photo and take it down… However, it wouldn’t be unusual for Jose and I to do something right before guest arrive, or in this case, completely demolition the room.

You may be looking at this thinking “Liz Marie…this is highly impractical. I don’t just have an open bookshelf that I can cover with hundreds of pumpkins.” I totally get that. Take this as inspiration on how practical custom built shelves may be a better solution for your storage space than store bought. I love building custom storage shelves like this, because you can efficiently fill the entire space or wall, where a store bought shelves typically don’t fill the entire space.

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait, (not too long) for the DIY, we shared the build in my new book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons! What do you think of this Ultimate Cozy Fall Pumpkin Wall? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day! 

xx Liz Marie 

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