Top 7 Design Tips To Breathe Life Into Your Living Space

If you’ve been living in the same home for years now, it may already look boring and routine. As of the second quarter of 2020, the average homeownership length in the United States has risen to eight years. While this is great news for your finances, living inside the same old abode might start to add to your restlessness. (1)

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to breathe new life into your living space. This includes something as simple as hanging some framed prints or rearranging your furniture. Redesigning your home doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. As such, here are seven design tips that you can consider:

Display some art

Even a single piece of artwork can immediately infuse life into a wall and, ultimately, a room. You can opt to hang large-scale art, which is ideal if you want a focal point and you have a favorite painting. On the other hand, you can also create a gallery wall that features not just one but several of your favorite imagery. 

You can even express your personality through wall art by displaying your own custom framed photos. This can include pictures of your family and friends or your favorite actors, musicians, and scientists. It all depends on your preferences.

Install reflective materials

Mirrors can make your room feel livelier instantly by attracting and reflecting light. If you’re not a fan of mirrors, you can install reflective materials like white lacquered walls and glossy tiles. These alternatives can create the same maximizing effect and make light bounce around your rooms.

Showcase your creations

If you’re into painting, drawing, or even knitting, you can definitely hang your works to liven up your living spaces. Your paintings and illustrations will tell your guests about your passions. They can even be great conversation-starters.

For those who are into knitting, you can create quilts and throws that you can drape artfully onto your couches or seats. This way, you have full control over the designs, and you can even save money.

You can also create your own furniture if you’re into woodworking. Tables, chairs, and other types of furnishing function as attractive and functional decor.

Change your wall colors

One great way to spruce up your rooms is by changing up your wall colors. If you own your space, you can repaint your walls to give them a fresh look. You can opt for an accent wall to make a statement for your living room or dining room. (2)

When talking about accent walls, most people automatically gravitate toward bold hues like reds and oranges. However, pastel colors are just as outstanding and can make your room unique.

On the other hand, if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes to your space, you can use wallpapers instead of paint. There are those that can be easily installed and removed to keep things efficient.

Some tips to help you pick the right color for your walls:

  • Consider the mood you want – When choosing hues, you should think about the mood or ambiance that you want to achieve for the room. Ask yourself whether you want a restful and soothing bedroom or a dramatic and intimate one? Answering this question can help you narrow down your color selection. Neutrals and pastels are ideal for a relaxing environment, while bolder colors are excellent choices to create drama.
  • Try small spaces first You can experiment in rooms that are easy to do first when you want to test a new paint color. This way, you can see the actual end result quickly. Powder rooms, bathrooms, or a small hall are the best areas to start with.
  • Test with light – Most paint stores have light boxes that you can use to test how the paint looks like under different lighting. The natural daylight option shows what the paint actually looks like in the natural setting. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs will draw out the shade’s warm tones and yellows. Lastly, fluorescent light will cast a sharp blue tone. It’s crucial to know how the paint would look like before you purchase an entire can.
  • See the bigger picture – If you’re planning to paint several rooms at once, you must take a step back and see how the colors would harmonize when you step from one room to another. Glaring contrasts are great, but there should still be a sense of continuity. After all, these spaces are in the same house.

Put some rugs

Rugs are also an easy way to liven up your space. A vibrant rug can make your room feel more cheerful. Don’t be scared of getting an eye-catching rug since you can even it out with muted decor or furniture. Meanwhile, a neutral one can make a space appear bigger by drawing your eye upward and away from the floor.

Hang curtains

Large windows are great and all, but they can leave you vulnerable to prying eyes outside. You can address that by hanging curtains. Moreover, aside from giving you coverage, this decor can help you express your personal style and, in turn, breathe life into your rooms.

If you still want light to fill your rooms, you can opt for gauzy curtains rather than opaque ones. The latter traps sunlight and other forms, while the former offers enough coverage while still allowing light to pass through.

Choose the right light fixtures

Light plays a crucial role in livening up your living spaces. As such, you should choose the right lighting types that can help your cause. Avoid fixtures that look ornate or heavy. For lampshades, find ones that are translucent. Just like gauzy curtains, their translucence can trick your guests’ eyes to make the room appear bigger.

Supplemental lighting must be aimed upward. Doing so can help scatter light in the room. This is useful at night when natural light decreases. Another way to accomplish this is by positioning a lamp in a way that it reflects on a mirror or other reflective surfaces.


Giving your home a fresh look can make it feel cozier and more vibrant. It doesn’t even have to be expensive or time consuming. You just have to know the right steps to take so that you can breathe life into your living spaces.



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