Tips to soundproof your room for practicing music     

Even if you are a music prodigy and excel at playing an instrument, hearing a well-played instrument constantly may bug your neighbors or the people living with you. Playing in the backyard shed is often not enough to muffle the sound. Moreover, it becomes even more challenging if you reside in a condo or share a living space with roommates. 

As a musician, one must practice regularly, and having a personal studio space is a luxury not everyone can afford. 

This is why soundproofing your music room is essential to ensure that others are not disturbed by your music. You can refer to the quietest products guides to learn about soundproofing materials needed to isolate the noise from your room or space. 

Using soundproofing materials will help to avoid any noise complaints from the neighbors or the building managers. In addition, added soundproofing will enhance the acoustics of your space by eliminating the outside noise. 

So, it is a double-edged sword; you practice quietly, away from the noise of traffic and surroundings while not disturbing any of your neighbors. The refined acoustics allow for better recording if you ever wish to record your masterpiece from the home studio. 

Here are three easy steps to soundproof any space.

Look out for the gaps.

Sound travels in the air, so look around the room for even the smallest of gaps. The sound of your instruments can escape through these gaps. Shutting these gaps ensures that the sound stays inside. The simple logic behind this is that if the air does not escape the room, neither will the sound. 

  • Reduce door gaps –  Doors generally have a half an inch gap between them and the floor. Applying door sweeps on both sides of the door will reduce the sound travel. 
  • Cover the windows – Sealing the windows is not a good idea. Use high-quality thick drapes or soundproof curtains to hang in front of windows. These curtains will absorb the sound. If you have the budget, invest in foaming the window panes or use acoustical sealant.

If you are not sure about the type of curtains or foam you need to soundproof the room, you can refer to the quietest products guides available online to determine the best product for your needs. 

Reduce Bounce-off

Just like light, sound too can reflect off of different surfaces. Light can reflect from a shiny floor, a bright wall, a glass, among other things. Sound can reflect from such surfaces as well, which can amplify the sound further.

If your room has hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors, granite tops, or just typical walls, the sound will bounce off until it expends all its energy. This can increase the sound travel and amplify the volume. But, there are plenty of ways to restrict sound reflection and echoes.

  • Use textiles – If you are on a budget, cover your flooring with thick rugs. In addition, walls too can reflect sound. So, covering walls with some thick wallpaper is a good idea.
  • Install professional materials – If budget is not a constraint, invest in soundproofing curtains, vinyl flooring, wall tiles, and acoustic panels. 

Avoid using DIY materials such as using egg crates, styrofoam, or a bed mattress. These cheaper alternatives will not fetch you any results as they are not effective.

Modify the space

If you live in a condo, simply adding soundproofing will not help to achieve the desired results. A simple solution is choosing a room that does not have a shared wall with the neighboring condos or rooms. But, if that is not a possibility, you must consider setting up the space away from the shared wall. 

In addition, you must also be considerate of the upstairs neighbor. Installing a false ceiling or acoustic panels to the roof is viable to avoid sound reaching upstairs. 

Soundproofing the space will enable you to enjoy your music by not disturbing anyone. Furthermore, by installing the essential studio equipment and soundproofing, you can record high-quality music from your room.

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