The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bean Bags

Bean bags are a popular, inexpensive seating option for many people. They provide comfort and style to any room in the house. However, bean bags also have their disadvantages. This article will cover some of the pros and cons of bean bag chairs so you can make an informed decision when buying one!

The Benefits of Bean Bags

Good for Your Posture

First let’s talk about bean bags and posture. In theory, sitting upright in a chair, in the correct position for your spine is the ideal option for your spine. The challenge is maintaining this position the entire time you are seated, without support. That’s where bean bags come in, they provide excellent lumbar (lower back) support that helps provides the relaxation you need throughout the day.

Inexpensive Seating

The next bean bag advantage is the price! You can pay a small fortune for a traditional couch, or you can have a range of beanbag setup to furnish your entire home. Bean bags are a very affordable seating option that will keep your family happy without breaking the bank.

Practical Furniture Choice

The bean bag is an excellent choice for families with children. It’s a great way to revamp your child’s bedroom. In fact, the whole family can enjoy a good bean bag. They are great to lay back in and read a book, watch a movie or play a game! They are also very easy to move around your home so you can sit wherever you like or offer extra seating if you have guests over for a visit.

It’s Extremely Comfortable

Bean bags a very comfortable to relax in because they mold to your body shape. There are also many options in size and shape so you can find bean bags that fit your body perfectly. For those that prefer a soft bean bag, you can choose to use less beans in your bean bag. For those that prefer a firmer feel, you can use more beans. It’s really up to your personal preferences.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

If you purchase a suitable, high quality bean bag you’ll find they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This is great for those wanting to make their deck more appealing and comfortable, encouraging family members to spend more time outdoors. You can use bean bags when you are having a BBQ or party and create a fun, relaxed environment for your guests to enjoy.

The Disadvantages of Bean Bags

Bad For Your Posture

I know we’ve already said bean bags can be good for your posture however they can also be bad.  If you’re not using bean bags properly it’s possible to cause yourself some serious damage. This is the main disadvantage of bean bag chairs; they can mess up your posture if you sit on them for too long or in an incorrect way.

Difficult to Get Up

For the elderly or those with other health concerns or limitations, it can be quite difficult getting up out of a bean bag. Because we tend to sink into a bean bag, we can easily strain a muscle getting up if we are not careful.

Messy and Dirty

Depending on what your bean bag cover is made of, a bean bag chair can be very messy to own if you have children or pets around the house.  If your kids spill something on it you may never get the stain out. You wouldn’t be the first adult to ruin a bean bag due to spills too. It’s so tempting to settle in with a red wine and read a good book, however it’s easy to spill getting in and out of the bean bag.

Prone to Tears and Mess

If you purchase a cheap bean bag, you’ll find they can be prone to tears or the zippers breaking. This can create a huge mess to clean up when the filling escapes into your home. The lightweight beads can be a nightmare to cleanup since they float everywhere and fill a vacuum cleaner very quickly. The temptation might be to sweep them outside and let the wind carry them away however that leads us to the next disadvantage.

Bad for the Environment

Most bean bags are filled with foam balls that are terrible for the environment.  The bean bag beans are often made from polystyrene foam which is an environmental hazard. They take hundreds of years to break down and the beads blow everywhere in your yard, street or local parks – not a very eco-friendly solution!

Bean Bags can be Toxic

Many household items, including bean bags contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are toxic to humans and pets. One bean bag can contain a range of VOCs including formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene which have been linked to many health concerns. Some industries such as the carpet and flooring industries have become heavily regulated in many parts of the world, due to VOC emissions known to cause allergies and asthma. Despite some of the chemicals used in bean bags being far worse than carpet, it’s difficult to stop them entering the market with so much online shopping being done these days.

Dangerous For Infants

Bean bags can be a hazard for babies and small children. The bean bags beans can be a choking hazard if they are escape the bean bag. If you have small children, bean bag chairs should not be left unattended due to this safety risk. Very small babies can also be suffocated if they are placed on a bean bag and rollover.

Bean Bags Are Not Forever

Most bean chair owners quickly discover that their bean bags do not last forever. They can become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. It’s usually not worthwhile repairing your bean bag unless you can do it yourself since they are so cheap to replace. The beans in your beanbag will also need replenishing frequently because they tend to become squashed and no longer support you well.  

Hidden Costs

You can buy bean bags online however, when you receive the items in the mail, you’ll find it didn’t come with beans. While beans are inexpensive, as we’ve already covered, you’ll need to continually replace or top them up. You’ll also find you need to replace your bean bag cover more frequently than many other seating options. 


The bean bag chair has a long history and has become a staple for modern living rooms and dens. They provide comfortable seating, encourage creativity, and are fun to lounge on. But bean bags also have their problems as we have covered. This is why bean bags have both advantages and disadvantages that you should know about before making your purchase decision.

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