Sleep Number True Temp Blanket Review

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Nothing ruins a peaceful night’s sleep more than waking up drenched in sweat (gross, I know!). Though I don’t necessarily consider myself a hot sleeper, I’ve found that the fluctuating New England spring temperatures have left me shivering under my covers one night and burning up the next. I expected that the all-season down alternative comforter I’d snagged for $30 from Marshall’s would adapt as promised, but I was sadly mistaken. And by mistaken, I mean its polyester cover had me roasting throughout the night. Thankfully, I was offered the opportunity to test Sleep Number’s new True Temp Blanket, and it’s completely transformed my sleep.

I’d always associated Sleep Number with their innovative and customizable mattresses, but hadn’t really delved into their bedding items until recently. As it turns out, the brand has some of the most technologically advanced sheets and comforters around, including their True Temp line. My interest was piqued by the 37.5 technology Sleep Number uses in their fabric, which is also used in athletic wear to strip away heat before it creates sweat and keeps your core body temperature at 37.5 degrees Celsius (oohhh, fancy!). Could the same material used in ski suits and yoga pants really be comfortable to sleep on? There was only one way to find out.

Upon opening the package, I noticed that the True Temp blanket wasn’t thick and fluffy like my previous comforter — which was a good sign as far as summer bedding is concerned. However, it still had some weight to it and was ultra soft. The satin piping around the blanket’s edge was a nice touch, too. I’ll admit to raising my eyebrows at the fact that the blanket’s shell is only 80 percent cotton, but after reading up about the 37.5 technology that makes up the blanket’s other 20 percent, I decided to drop my reservations and tested it out with an open mind.

The first night that I slept on the True Temp blanket, I noticed that it wasn’t too canvas-y like a sleeping bag, but did have the airy, cooling effect you would get with one. The sweaty nights I had previously experienced diminished quickly. Night after night, I woke up feeling cooler and more refreshed than before. So far, I’ve washed the True Temp blanket twice and, thanks to its rather light filling, it fits in the washing machine without having to be stuffed in. After running it through a cold wash cycle and tumble drying it on low, the blanket comes out fresh, clean, and even softer than before.

It’s also worth noting that when the AC is cranked up a bit too high, or the changing spring weather gets chilly, this blanket does just as good of a job keeping me warm without feeling like an oven. I no longer have to slip beneath my top sheet when the room gets cold. Because of its light weight, I thought I’d just be using the True Temp blanket during the summer, but I think it might have the potential to still be on my bed during fall, and possibly winter. The one downside? This blanket only comes in queen or king sizes. So if you own a full size bed and don’t mind sleeping with a little extra material, its still a great choice.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your bedding for a cooler sleep, now’s the perfect time, because Sleep Number is offering 20 percent off their Tru Temp blankets through September 6. I’ve joined the hundreds of other customers who gave this blanket five-stars, and encourage you to give it a whirl and kiss those hot, sweaty nights goodbye… for good!

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