Signs That You Need To Replace Your Windows and Doors

How to Know You Need New Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are made using different materials that are not entirely proof to extreme weather elements and outside forces. So, at some point they become weak. Besides when they age, they compromise your home’s security, reduce curb appeal and reduce your home’s resale value. 

However, besides the number of years they have stayed, you can tell when the doors and windows need to be replaced. Most of them will have signs that you cannot ignore. Read more for signs you need to replace your Oakville windows

Drafts And Leaks

If your home has cold air and both windows and doors are closed, that is draft. Drafts are due to warped and dented windows or a space between the frame and the wall. They make the home cold and uncomfortable. 

Although you can repair the tiny holes using a wood patty, the best solution is to replace the entire window. The drafty house also leads to higher energy bills because the HVAC system keeps the rooms warm. Replacing the old warped and dented window and frames will close all the spaces around the window, reducing the drafts. This also increases your home’s comfort. 


When did you install your current windows? If the windows Oakville are over 25 years old, they have served you enough and need to be replaced. Technology is rapidly growing, and so is window technology. 

The 30-year-old windows are not energy efficient because they have a single glass pane. They also do not shield your home from UV rays, leading to the fading of the curtains and furniture. When replacing, go for modern windows Oakville with double or triple panes for UV rays reflection and to save on energy bills 

Hard To Operate Windows

When wood windows are exposed to moisture, they absorb it, swell, and start to rot. The swelling of the window makes it more extensive than the opening and closing space, making it hard to operate the window. 

Also, when steel rusts, it becomes hard to open and close because the hinges are rusty. Check if your window locks are also in good shape. If the window feels hard to open and close, replace it. Choose a new window with better locks for security. Also, get a wood coating that protects the wood window from absorbing moisture. 

Too Much Noise

Your old single-paned windows in Oakville are not soundproof. If you live next to the road, near a factory or the airport, you know how annoying noise can be, especially if you work from home or have a toddler. 

Replacing the windows with new ones with a Sound Transmission Class rating (STC) will help to reduce the noise. Choose one with a higher rating to reduce the noise for better comfort. 

Damaged Windows

The older your windows are, the more they will be exposed to elements like moisture and sun. They also withstand harsh climatic conditions like solid storms. Window materials like wood will absorb the water and swell. The swelling then leads to rotting, making the door weak and unpleasant to look at. 

Some damages are minor and can be repaired. Others are big and need a new window to deal with the problem. If your window panes are broken or the locking system is not operable, buy a new replacement window. 

High Energy Bills

Old and damaged windows allow heat exchange in the house, making the home uncomfortable. When the temperatures fluctuate, you will be forced to keep the HVAC running to cool or warm the room. This causes a rise in energy bills. You will continue paying more until you replace the old windows.

So, if recently you have noticed you are paying more on energy utility bills, you should consider getting new replacement windows and doors in Oakville.


The windows and doors increase your home’s curb appeal. With time, they get hit by the sun and start to fade. Other materials like steel are affected by water and begin to rust. Buying a new replacement window will deal with the problem because you remove the entire window and install a new one. This will reduce the expense of purchasing and repainting the fading now and then. 

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