Preparing for a Big Winter Storm

Storms mean different things to different people. Depending on your location, a storm can mean anything from a few hours of heavy wind and rainfall that you can easily avoid, to a dangerous event that can cause costly damage at home, as well as serious injuries, or worse. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that never experiences serious storms, you might not fully understand the importance of taking precautions when you hear that a storm is on the way. If on the other hand, you’ve lived through some horrendous storms, you might feel as though you are pretty good at riding them out.

If big winter storms could cause damage to your home, it’s crucial that you are prepared. The weather is changing faster and becoming more unpredictable than ever. This means that you might not always have enough warning to put measures into place. Here are some of the things that you can do now to prepare. 

Check Your Roof

Of course, you can find a roofing contractor after a storm, but in the immediate aftermath of a storm, there are always people looking to make a quick buck, and you might not always be able to trust the help that is offered. It’s much better to look for contractors when you aren’t in a desperate situation, and if possible, get your roof checked to avoid costly or dangerous damage in the first place. 

Check Windows and Doors

Your roof is your home’s first defense from storms, but windows and doors are right up there too. Check seals and look for any obvious signs of damage. Replace any broken windows and reseal any areas where you can feel a draught. Even smaller measures, like hanging heavier curtains and using draught excluders can keep some of the colder winds out of your home.

Insulate Water Pipes

Any water pipes that run outside of your home are likely to freeze in a big storm. Cover them in simple insulation to ensure your water supply and heating are protected. 

Invest in Backup Power

Power outages are common during heavy storms. Make sure you’ve got backup batteries for appliances, a power bar for your phone, and even a backup generator so that you can keep some power to your home. 

Stock Up

Every time you go shopping, add a few extras to your kart. Things like bottled water, tinned foods, and long-life snacks and drinks can be useful when the power is out, or if you can’t get outdoors for a while. 

Check Smoke and CO2 Detectors

During prolonged storms, we spend a lot more time at home than usual. This often leads to an increase in household fires and CO₂ poisoning. Check your detectors regularly, and make sure you’ve got spare batteries to hand.

Find Some Entertainment

Most households rely on power for entertainment, as much as anything else. If you’ve got children, they might not be used to keeping themselves occupied without phones, consoles, and TV. Create a storm pack with torches, books, board games notepads, and snacks.

For many people, storms are a normal part of winter life. Take the time to prepare now, so that you are never caught off guard. 

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