Lavender Scented Pillow And More: 6 Hacks To Sleep Better

Sleep is highly essential to recharge and reenergize the body. Without the right amount of sleep, a person might not function properly the next day, keeping them from being productive. Ideally, a person should get at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily. However, no matter how much a person tries, falling asleep might not be entirely a piece of cake.

If you’re one of the people who have trouble sleeping at night, you might be in search of ways on how you could get a good night’s sleep. Apart from keeping you energized for the next day, it can also help you become healthier as your body recovers while you sleep.

Moreover, listed below are the hacks that could help you sleep better.

1. Use A Lavender Scented Pillow

Lavender is a popular natural agent that could help people fall asleep. With the power of lavender, a person can feel relaxed and calm, taking their stress away and putting them on track to fall asleep. To ensure that you’ll be getting a fresh scent of lavender as you sleep at night, a lavender scented pillow could be the answer.

With a lavender-scented pillow, you can assure that every turn or change of sleeping position will still allow you to enjoy the calming scent of lavender. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to have a subtle or strong fragrance. You can control the strength of lavender by adding a few drops of essential oil to the pillow cover and allowing it to spread to your head.

2. Have A Lavender Pillow

If you think that having a lavender-scented pillow is too basic as you want the full ‘lavender experience,’ having a lavender pillow could help. You can watch this video to help you see how it’ll benefit your body:

Alternatively, a lavender pillow isn’t an actual pillow. It could come in regular or small sizes, usually around the size of your palm. While it might look like a pillow fit for a doll, you can place it under your top pillowcase and allow the aroma to be with you as you sleep.

A lavender pillow has plenty of lavender buds that can provide you with an organic scent. This would be the best option if you’d like the lavender scent to diffuse naturally.

3. Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil

If you’re sharing a room with someone who has trouble sleeping at night, both of you can benefit from diffusing lavender essential oil. This way, you no longer need to purchase your individual lavender pillows as you both can just share the calming lavender scent.. This will also be a great option if you think that sleeping on an actual lavender pillow may be too overpowering for your sensitive nose.

Dry lavender flowers, bottle of essential oil or flavored water, sachet and mortar on white wooden table.

You can begin diffusing lavender essential oil five minutes before hitting the hay. You can allow the diffuser to run for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how much it’ll take for you to fall asleep. If you’re new to this process, you can begin with 60 minutes on the first week, and, then,  decreasing it for five to ten minutes after every week. This will help you diffuse it for a shorter time, not making yourself dependent on the power of lavender.

4. Follow A Sleeping Pattern

One of the most effective ways to sleep better naturally is by implementing a sleep pattern, which you need to follow. This way, your body would instantly feel the need to sleep during your set hours, allowing you to wake up at the right time the next day.

As you build your sleeping pattern, ensure that you’re already on your bed during a specific time of the day and avoid doing anything else rather than lying on your bed. You shouldn’t use your phone, read a book, or even speak with your partner. The more that you do nothing, the more that you’ll be able to fall asleep. Repeat this process until you could drift to sleep without any trouble. It would probably take weeks or months for your body to adjust fully.

5. Quit Caffeine In The Afternoon

If you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, now may be the perfect time to quit that habit as it can disrupt how you’ll be able to sleep at night. Such beverage options contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. Ideally, you should consume tea or coffee in the morning to energize your body for a busy day. However, depending on its effects on your body, skipping caffeine intake in the afternoon would be ideal.

If you can’t resist having a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon, you should consider brewing a decaffeinated variant instead. That way, you can enjoy its taste without the effects of caffeine on your body.

6. Relax Before Hitting The Hay

Almost no one can sleep immediately if they constantly worry too much. It’ll just keep their mind running, stressing about what’s happening, and even those that are yet to happen. To allow your body to sleep better at night, it would best if you could keep your body calm and relaxed. You can begin the process at least an hour before hitting the bed.

There are plenty of ways you can relax before sleeping. You can choose to read a relaxing book, listen to jazz, blues, or classical music, do relaxing hobbies, or take a warm and long relaxing bath. If you choose to bathe before you sleep, you should consider adding a few drops of lavender essential oil so you could allow the aroma to float within the room. Additionally, adding Epsom bath salts could also calm you down minutes before your bedtime.

As your body is calm, you can allow it to drift into sleep way more easily. It’ll be a treat for your body as you relax and be able to fall asleep, fuzz-free.


Everyone deserves a sound sleep, especially after a tiring day. Thankfully, by using the power of lavender and other natural remedies, you should be able to drift into dreamland in no time. Just ensure that you follow the above tips properly for maximum results.

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