Is Redoing Countertops with Epoxy A Good Idea?

Epoxy is a fabulous refinishing product that can be used over old countertops to give them a new look at low cost. Applying epoxy on the countertops is a good idea to give countertops a unique and modern look. To get more knowledge, you can read more about the epoxy countertops on Caesarstone.

 In this guide, we will share details about how to redo countertops with epoxy, epoxy-like durability, compatibility, and appearance so that you can decide whether the epoxy countertop is ideal for you or not. 


Epoxy countertops look gorgeous and luxurious if installed correctly. You need to consider two things when applying epoxy over the countertop. One is choosing the right epoxy product, and the other is the correct method to apply epoxy over countertops.


The durability and sturdiness of epoxy make it perfect for countertops. Epoxy countertops are durable and can last for years. However, you need to take care of it properly. Therefore, don’t use sharp tools on epoxy countertops to avoid scratches.

Resistant to moisture

Epoxy countertops are resistant to moisture because of their non-porous nature. These countertops are perfect to set up near sinks or other water means. Make sure your epoxy countertop is cured properly before exposing it to water.

Problem of stains

Although epoxy countertops are durable, there is no guarantee that they can’t be stained. If liquid or any other food item falls on the epoxy countertop and remains on it prolonged, the epoxy countertop surface can stain. Therefore, clean the epoxy surface as soon as possible, especially when liquid spills on it, to maintain shininess and durability.

Challenging task 

Redoing countertops with epoxy can be challenging and messy. You can’t get desired results if the epoxy is not applied correctly. You should have the essential knowledge about the use of epoxy over the countertop before starting the work.

The lifespan of epoxy countertops

The lifespan of epoxy countertops depends on the thickness of the epoxy, the use of epoxy countertops, exposure of epoxy to UV rays, and the quality of the topcoat. However, epoxy countertops can last for ten years. But keep in mind that the lifespan of epoxy countertops with proper care can even make it last more than ten years.


One reason why epoxy products are popular is their affordability.  Nevertheless, a new stone countertop can be expensive. Many homeowners can’t afford costly marble and granite countertops, but they want their countertops to look like marble and granite. Epoxy can give countertops a marble look at a  low cost.


Epoxy is compatible with almost all countertop materials like laminate, metal, concrete, formica, ceramic, wood, etc. However, applying epoxy is not preferred on expensive countertops like marble and granite. However, you can also pour epoxy over marble and granite countertops.

Epoxy product

If you want epoxy on your countertop, then you need to choose a high-quality epoxy product. Sometimes, homeowners purchase a cheap and low-quality epoxy and then complain of not getting satisfactory results.

Wide range of colors and designs

One thing that encourages homeowners to have epoxy countertops is the vast range of colors and designs. You can apply any color and design you want on your countertop. You may have some questions about epoxy in your mind. Below, we answer questions about epoxy so that you can decide whether epoxy countertops are good for you or not.

Is epoxy a good material for countertops?

The epoxy contains liquid resin and hardener. These two materials react with each other after mixing to produce a solid surface. The reaction of resin and hardener starts the curing process. Make sure to apply the mixture of resin and hardener on the countertop surface as soon as possible. 

Do epoxy countertops look good? 

Epoxy countertops give a shiny look if applied correctly. Cleanse the countertop surface rigorously before applying the epoxy.

Can an epoxy countertop surface crack? 

Epoxy countertops have sturdy and durable surfaces that can’t be cracked or destroyed easily. However, avoid placing heavyweight objects on epoxy countertops because it can damage the epoxy surface.

Is there any better option than epoxy for countertops?

Epoxy has the upper hand in terms of quality and high glossy look. In addition, epoxy countertops have seamless surfaces and unlimited colors and design potential.

How to maintain the glossy look of epoxy countertops?

You can maintain the glossy look of your epoxy countertop by applying mineral oil once a week or month. Also, make sure to follow other best practices to sustain the gorgeous look of your countertops. 

Are epoxy countertops safe?

Epoxy countertops are non-toxic. Hence, after applying epoxy, wait for ten days to fully use the countertop. Also, keep in mind that the curing timing of epoxy products is different. Most epoxy countertops are

considered safe for food. Make sure to choose the high-quality epoxy product to apply on your countertop. 

Is it easy to clean epoxy countertops?

Almost all cleaning agents can be used to clean your epoxy countertop. But don’t use polishes, bleach, and waxes to clean the countertop because they can ruin the beauty of your epoxy countertop. 

Tips for redoing countertops with epoxy

If you decide to redo the countertop with epoxy, the tips mentioned below will help you in this regard. You will know what to do and what to avoid while applying epoxy over the countertop.


Before redoing the countertop with epoxy, make sure to have all the supplies you need for this work. It’s best to consult with professionals of epoxy countertops about the required essential supplies for applying epoxy over countertops.


Take measurements of the surface on which you want to apply the epoxy. This way, you will get some idea about how much epoxy you need for that work.

Curing timing of epoxy

Make sure you know the curing time of the epoxy product that you purchase. Some epoxy products take around 30 days to cure. It’s best to maintain the room temperature between 70-75 Fahrenheit to heal the epoxy countertop properly. 


It’s best to test the epoxy on a small piece before applying it to the countertop. In this way, you can avoid various mistakes and get the idea to do the job more efficiently.


Having your epoxy well Installed should be considered a top priority but in situations where it went wrong, after reading this article, you should be able to decide whether it is alright to redo your epoxy countertops following the step list above. However, it is advisable to consult experts like Caesarstone, if you are confused to decide whether to redo countertops with epoxy is good or not.




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