How to Pick the Best Mattress for Kids

Picking the best mattress for your children is similar to getting the best mattress for anyone else, but there are some special considerations to make. This guide will help you know what the most important factors are when getting a new mattress.

Get the Right Size

Your children are constantly growing, so you want to get the right mattress size for your children. Most children transition from using crib mattresses to larger sizes around two or three years old. If your child is very young, then consider a crib or junior mattress.

If your child is older than this or you want a mattress that lasts long, then consider a twin mattress. This will accommodate children for many years. You can install guardrails if you are worried about your child falling out.

Get the Right Material

Synthetic materials tend to be the most affordable, but many children are allergic to them. Even if they aren’t, these materials are known to cause respiratory irritation and coughing.

You should instead consider more natural materials. This can include cotton, silk, wool, natural latex, or bamboo. If you want to go the extra mile when choosing a mattress for kids, then consider an organic mattress. Naturepedic has developed many organic beds that support a child’s healthy growth.

Selecting the Support

Mattresses are most often supported by either memory foam or innerspring coils. Open coils are very common and affordable. The connected coils support your child’s frame without allowing them to sink too deeply.

Not only that, but the springs don’t compress as much as with adult sleepers, so this should last a long time. Another benefit is that the coils often reduce movement, which could be good for children who toss and turn.

Memory foam is a pliable material that contours to your child’s body. These mattresses last longer than innerspring and are hypoallergenic. Some are even designed for extra airflow, which keeps them cool during the night. While these mattresses last a long time, they are also more expensive.

Hybrid mattresses are also available. These combine the two and are often priced in the middle. Most of these mattresses have a memory foam pillow top with springs underneath. You get the benefit of both without having to spend a lot of money.

Choosing a Soft or Hard Mattress

You can choose mattresses that are ultra-plush, plush, firm, or extra firm. While children tend to prefer soft things, getting an ultra-plush mattress might not be best for them. This tends to allow the body to sink too much, and the bed will get softer over time.

In most cases, it would be best to either choose plush or firm. Extra firm is good for those who have back pain and alignment issues, which is more common for adults. Stomach sleepers tend to be best with plush or somewhat firm while back and side sleepers prefer firm mattresses.


Choosing a mattress for your child might seem tough, but it’s very similar to getting a mattress for anyone else. Follow this guide, and you should easily find the right one.

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