How to Make Roof Repair & Replacement Affordable

A building’s roof is its most vulnerable surface, since it remains constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, whether it is water damage from pooled water inside the cracks, or physical damage after a big storm, the need to repair or replace the roof is not something that any homeowner can safely ignore.

Unfortunately, roof repair jobs can turn out to be quite expensive, especially when a replacement is required. It is due to this reason that roof repairs are often ignored for as long as possible, despite the dangers of doing so. Over time, the space below the neglected roof gradually becomes uninhabitable.

What are the Dangers of Ignoring Roof Damage?

Without regular and timely repairs, the cracks will continue to grow bigger, allowing more water to seep in and pool. The pooled water will inevitably damage the roof from inside, while also harboring bacterial and fungal (mold) growths. This leads to dangerous structural damage, as well as the appearance of several large, ugly dark patches on the roof. If such signs are ignored for long enough, a collapse is inevitable.

Aside from the dangers of living below a structurally compromised, rotting roof, there are also several other health hazards to consider. A combination of damp, bacteria and mold spores emanating from a heavily water-damaged roof can both cause and aggravate respiratory, ocular, and dermatological conditions such as:

  • Rashes, itchy, flaky skin, and dermatitis
  • Conjunctivitis, keratitis, Endophthalmitis, rhinocerebral mucormycosis.
  • Worsened asthmatic symptoms, random bouts of constant sneezing, persistent coughs, suppressed immunity, bronchitis, and pneumonia

Now that we have discussed some of the grave dangers associated with long-term roof damage, it is time to address the core issue, which is the expensive nature of roof replacements. There are ways to make even complete roof replacements affordable, but you can likely avoid that to begin with.

Choose a Low-Interest Financing Option

Some roofers do offer financing plans, but they usually charge high interests along with it. If you take out a loan from the bank, their interest rates will likely be even steeper. If you live in the state of Michigan though, the best roofing company in Michigan, aka Rock Solid Exteriors is offering 0% interest financing for up to 5-years. Even if you don’t live in Michigan, opt for financing only after comparing the interest rates from your local roofers first.

Regular Maintenance

Handle the small maintenance jobs yourself by cleaning your roof and gutters on a regular schedule. Get your roof inspected by professional roofers every few months and especially after heavy rain, snowfalls and storms. With regular maintenance and checks, not only will the roof last longer, but you likely won’t need to spend big money on repairs either. 

Keep in mind that ignoring the risks for as long as possible will do nothing to keep the eventually inevitable costs of those repairs/replacements from going up. Act early to keep costs low and your family safe. Also, if you must invest in a new roof, choose a long-lasting material.

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