How to Find Luggage Storage When Traveling in London

A trip to London is so needed for us all right now. It provides us with a chance to walk through the historical streets that are full of vibrancy and culture, visit iconic buildings and have some of the most delicious foodie experiences in the world

 But traveling to London often requires you to bring a bag or two (or three or four) with you as well. And sometimes these bags can become quite a prohibitor to your visit.

 Even if you are staying at a hotel, it is often easier and safer to book your bags for luggage storage in London. The perks to doing so are endless really. Not only can you find a place that is convenient for you anywhere in the city, but you can have the assurance your bag will be well looked after. This means that your bag will come with content coverage insurance and a secure seal so that you can be confident it will be looked after well. Plus, the cost to do so is cheaper than a tea and scone as well.

 But how to do you go about finding luggage storage when traveling in London? Because the last thing you want to do is waste time in the city trying to find somewhere to drop your bags when instead you could be out visiting Big Ben, the Tower of London of Buckingham palace.

 To help you plan out your visit and pre-book the best places to store your luggage in London, we’ve rounded up everything you should know.

 Hotels and Airbnbs are hit or miss

Chances are, you are likely going to be staying at a hotel or Airbnb while in London. And as a guest, you can leave your luggage with them generally. When it comes to hotels, many will store them at their check-in desk for you. But depending on the type of hotel you are staying at, this is not always the safest option as your bag often just gets put in a room with a bunch of others—leaving room for error that your bag may be given to someone else. And with Airbnbs, it is often at the discretion of the owner as to how many extra hours after check out you can keep your bags at the place.

 Train stations allow for convenient locations

Train stations are often a convenient place to store your luggage. This is a common place for travelers and one of the most practical for luggage storage businesses to set up shop. They often offer luggage storage from anywhere for an hour or so to a few days. This is a great place to store your bags if you are wanting to hop around the city bag-free before you check into your hotel in the afternoon or before you head off to leave the city that night.

 Airports are practical but pricier

Airports are also another common spot to store luggage, although keep in mind that everything at the airport comes with an extra cost! But it is super practical if you are arriving or departing London from the airport, as it means you can travel bag-free before you check-in for your flight. Airports are getting busier and busier with Covid restrictions easing, so it is always best to book in advance online with this and secure your rate ahead of time.

London city offers convenient locations

You don’t have to just rely on transportation hubs to store your luggage. In fact, there are a ton of smaller businesses in the city of London itself that offer affordable and secure luggage storage for you. Many are located within close proximity to the major tourist sites that you will likely want to visit too. Other conveniences that come along with these smaller businesses is that you can easily access them 24 hours a day and get automatic insurance for your bags in case something does happen to them.

London attractions

You may have never initially considered this one, but many major attractions and museums in London also offer luggage storage. This includes places like the Tate Modern, Kensington Palace and the Natural History Museum. While each has different operating hours and costs, it is another option that may end up being the most convenient for you to use.

 You should never have to worry about your luggage storage in London because there are so many different options for you to choose from. No matter where you decide to go, you will likely always be within walking distance of luggage storage and be able to easily secure and store your bags while you explore the wonderful city of London.







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