How to Equip a Workplace on the Balcony

How to Equip a Workplace on the Balcony

Many modern apartments are quite small, and every square meter is very important to ensure the owner’s comfort. This is why some people find it difficult to pick a place for a table. But what about the balcony? Usually, this part of your apartment can be equipped with a comfortable table and other necessary interior elements to create an excellent workspace. Here are some basic tips for everyone.

Insulate Your Balcony or Loggia

If you work on the balcony all year round, you have to insulate the walls and install new windows that can keep the heat and soundproof your future tiny office. Once you have completed these important steps, you can start leveling the walls with plaster and other renovation steps. Don’t forget that this is one of the most resource-intensive and difficult stages. If you are a student busy with renovations and lack time to complete your papers by the deadline, you need to pay someone to do your homework. Then you have more time to create the perfect workspace.

Buy a Multifunction Table

Do not forget that you have very little space to set up your furniture. This is why you need to order a custom table with enough sections to store your files, books, and other things. By the way, you can buy a lock for one of your desk drawers. Then you can store important papers on the balcony and not worry about security.

Use the Windowsill as an Additional Table

Many homes have walls wide enough that you can get an extra table by placing a wooden countertop on a windowsill. By the way, how about connecting your desk and windowsill with one solid wooden panel? Then you will have a lot of free space, even for a printer, organizer, and many other devices.

Find a Good Chair With Wheels

The fact is that there is not very much free space on any balcony. This is why you shouldn’t buy a classic chair or armchair. Instead, buy a chair with wheels, and you can rotate 360 degrees to reach any book or device. In addition, it will be more comfortable for you to get up from the table.

Wall Shelf Is a Must

If you have only 2-3 square meters, you should create the most comfortable and multifunctional workplace. This means that you should buy at least one bookshelf for your papers, notes, and files. If your balcony has blank walls, then you can hang two or more shelves. By the way, if you have enough space on the balcony, then you can buy a locker. Then you have more space to store important things.

Buy a Good Table Lamp

Any workspace should be well lit so that you can write or read without any problems. This is why you should buy a good LED desk lamp on Amazon. By the way, if you want to adjust the light intensity, then devices with a dimmer will come in handy. It is best if you buy a telescopic desk lamp so that you can adjust the beam of light on your desk.

Install at Least Four Power Sockets

If you use your PC, laptop, printer, or other devices on the balcony, you will need enough power sockets. That is why you should consider this aspect even at the stage of rough wall decoration. Install at least four sockets. Then you can use all the basic devices. However, no one forbids you to buy a line filter with additional sockets. Calculate the total power and energy consumption to allocate a sufficient number of power sockets for each device.

Buy Window Blinds

If you are going to create a workplace on the balcony, you will have to put up with a lot of light. However, no one requires you to cram all day and cover your head with your hands. Buy window blinds, and you can block some of the sun’s rays. Then nothing will stop you from editing files on your PC, even at noon. By the way, any blackout curtains are a must if you live in a very sunny region. Why tolerate bright sunlight when you can create pitch darkness on your balcony? Buy blackout curtains, and nothing will interfere with your workflow.


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