How to Decorate Your Home Office Stylishly

A work-from-home office is the new reality for many office workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking to pandemic-proof their careers. In an ideal home office, how you decorate should be based on personal expression and productivity. Décor that suggests focus, concentration, and productivity is best for a home office.

Even on a shoestring budget, you can find some beautiful décor pieces at local retailers. You don’t want just anything. Some super stylish sculptures, geometric shapes, or professional-themed décor can help fill in a minimalist home office. Matching home office supplies will also provide a whole new personality to the room.

Here are fifteen tips on how to decorate a home office stylishly:

1. Colours

Too much colour can be distracting. When selecting your décor, home office furniture, and everything you intend to put around you, be conscious of the colours. A rainbow is not what an office should resemble. A dark professional palette or some light neutrals is all you need.

2. Plants

Plants are a trendy home office décor item that more work-from-home professionals are grabbing. A tabletop plant looks excellent and has been statistically shown to improve mood, focus, and productivity. Even if you’re not a big plant person, getting one will be an excellent addition to your desktop.

3. Books

A home office should inspire. If you’re not inspired, what’s the point? Books are just as much resourceful as they are décor. If there are autobiographies that inspire or stories that get you motivated, find a way to incorporate a little of that iconography around you.

4. Framed Photos

Photography is another way to blend in with things that inspire you. It could be a person, a place you want to visit, or something from your vision board. The more inspiration you have surrounding you, without having it be overwhelming or cluttered, the better.

5. Shelving

You don’t want to clutter up your home office desk with décor. Minimalist floating shelves offer plenty of room to fill with whatever items you want. They allow you to fill in lots of easy-to-look-at décor while keeping it in the background.

6. Pen Holders

Pen holders are overlooked and underrated. Even in a home office where you aren’t routinely doing paperwork, you’ll want one. Here you can place your pens, pencils, post-it notes, and various other items you might need.

7. Wallpaper

Though not for everyone, creative types get inspired by the right patterned wallpaper. You don’t need to cover every wall with it, by any means. If you don’t go the way of wallpaper, a more common alternative is art.

8. Artwork

Hipster interior with potted plants and diy ladder light

A large piece of abstract art that’s creative, inspiring, and that gets the mind moving is an impressive addition to one’s home office décor. If you’re stuck in a home office for long periods, saddle up with wall art or artwork that says something about how your mind works.

9. Desk Light

In buying your home office supplies, don’t ignore how important the right desk light is. An easy purchase is a clamp-on LED desk lamp. However, there are also non-clamp models and freestanding lamps that work just as well.

10. Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser programs your productivity with a scent. With any home office, you want to have ways to switch on. Turn on a diffuser filled with a scent of your choice five minutes before a shift. It’ll fill the room with a welcoming smell and get you in the right mindset. Peppermint is often considered the most productive scent in the essential oil catalogue if you aren’t sure where to begin.

11. Throw or Blanket

Being cold doesn’t help your productivity. You want to stay comfortable and locked in. A throw hanging on a chair in the corner can cover the legs and help elevate your temperature. This arrangement is ideal in an office basement, where heat doesn’t transfer as well as other parts of your home.

12. File Cabinet

You’re still going to run into paperwork that needs printing and certain documents you’ll appreciate having paper copies of. A small file cabinet or a paper storage area can help you keep everything organized.

13. Curtains

If you have a big window in your home office, it can cause all sorts of glare issues or camera trouble. Hang a curtain or shutters across the window opening. Another way to do this is with a privacy screen.

14. Floor Rug

If your home office is on hard flooring, this isn’t favourable to everyone. If you’re looking for something more, try an area rug. A linen or wool rug is soft on the feet and can add a lovely pattern to admire.

15. Signage

Signage can be a quote that inspires you or a written message that keeps you focused. Put words around you that make a difference to you and keep you on track with your work. Distractions are easy to come by at home, but the signages serve as a friendly reminder of productivity.

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