How to Choose a Water Heater for Your Home?

If you are a person who is continuously typing in the search engine “how to choose a water heater”, you might experience real stress by coming across dozens of articles. On some occasions, they may help you understand which one to choose. On the other hand, you still type that and struggle. This article is just another opportunity for you to figure out what to consider during the selection, and purchase. Beyond that, you may get to know why finding a contractor might be your saving or else starting point.

Key Types of Water Heaters – Which to Consider?

Let’s pretend you want to buy a solar hot water heater, but are not sure, check what others stand for too.

Storage Water Heaters

Such systems are believed to be the sought-after taking into consideration Canada. Then, they are the least expensive when you have a low to medium paying capacity. Storage tank units primarily work by drawing hot water from the tank top when you turn on the faucet. Tanks allow you to have some accumulated hot water for showering or bathing at any time you want to.

Tankless Units

Tankless systems are also called on-demand water heaters because water is heated only on demand. The water passes through heating coils found inside the unit. Then, it is worth specifying that these systems will require less space from your house, hence, they can reduce huge energy consumption approximately by 30%. As for the pitfalls, you will definitely need to invest more upfront, and then they provide you with limited hot water flow per minute.

Solar hot water heater

A solar water heater hot tub is another popular choice for people who reside in sunny areas. You might come across online articles on how to build a solar hot water heater or how to make a solar hot water heater if you want to do everything alone. Yet, finding a contractor for such types of systems is required, because you may need to spend even more money. Solar heaters work by circulating water from a tank through a solar collector where water is heated by the sun. Nowadays, these systems are also powered by backup systems when you experience cloudy days only. So, they are not a good fit for residents where the sun is rare. As for the drawbacks, it is definitely about solar hot water heater cost. They may make you throw money down the drain for both installation, and repair. To prevent any issues, you have to organize regular maintenance services. 

Heat Pump Units

Compared to electric heaters, heat pumps may provide you with savings on 60% less energy. They work by using electricity to get heat from air and ground and then transferring it to the water tank. The cost of such units is higher than storage tank heaters, however, it may pay back within a year. 

Now, let’s sum up a bit. If you live in sunny areas and are ready to invest a lot of money upfront, the best water for your house is a solar one. It will fully rely on the sun ray’s heat, and provide you with hot water whenever you need it. Thanks to a backup system, you do not need to worry about cloudy days. Then, if you are a family of 4 and want to access some savings, storage propane heaters will be ideal for your particular case. They are not so demanding regarding the installation and maintenance, and their cost may pay back you with time.

What Else to Consider?

When you know approximately which type of water heater is the best for you, you have to consider additional aspects. By finding a contractor with Contractorfinder, you will definitely avoid the hustle and bustle surrounding the selection and purchase. Yet, know the following.

Purchase Price vs Running Expenses

Let’s provide you with an example. For instance, when installing a natural gas water heater, you will spend more money on the purchase, however, when you use it, it costs less to run them compared to electric units. So, you have to consider the fuel and switch from one to another one. If you already have a gas line in your house, you additionally save.

Efficacy and Overall Performance

You have to learn more about the efficacy of the chosen water heater. For instance, a highly efficient unit will lower the cost of your energy bills, and additionally help you lower your carbon footprint. This information may be found by finding a contractor, or just simply by reading the manufacturer’s labels and manuals. Otherwise, for your understanding, if you have a water heater now, you can check for any notes on the unit where this information may be provided.

Size of Units

The size is crucial because it will dictate how much hot water you can receive for your domestic purposes. In simple terms, you have to consider the size of the tank which means how many gallons of water it can keep for your use. If you choose a tankless water heater, you have to learn about the gallons per minute rating your unit can deliver. Accordingly, the bigger the size, the bigger chance for your family of 3 and more to have a continuous flow of hot water simultaneously. For example, you can run all your appliances, and take a shower, and do not experience any issues.


Finally, the most important thing for helping you avoid many expenses is the warranty. Your chosen unit should have at least a 12 years warranty which may cover the cost of repair and maintenance services. 

If you are demanding regarding the digitized systems, you can occasionally find a unit with digital displays which will help you understand how it runs, what the temperature is among others. For more information, you can also ask your neighbours who have water heaters. Or, rely on feedback found online with forums or social media dedicated to such appliances and equipment.


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