House Decor With Upcycling Hints & Tips from Eco Solutions 

Whether you are a new or existing homeowner who wants to improve your home both inside
and out with a certain design style then this is an article for you.

You may be a new homeowner that has saved a huge deposit and finally, you’ve been able to
buy your first home which is a doer-upper, you may be a brand new homeowner that you have
brought using the government’s Help to Buy scheme and you now need ideas and inspiration to
make it feel like your own with a bit of character.

Whatever your situation we have some great design and upcycling hints and tips that will help tomake your home perfect for you.

Our House Decor Advice

Our first bit of advice is to focus on one room at a time, this will ensure your ideas and
inspiration don’t get confused along the way. There’s nothing better than finishing one room
before getting started on the next as you will have a place to relax and enjoy whilst the next
room you decorate is in chaos.

Start by looking through interior design magazines and blogs to get an idea of the interior design
styles you love and can see working in your home. There are so many different styles and eras
you can choose from and integrate elements of, you will have loads of fun planning and

Design Styles

Here are a few for you to have a look at which will help you with your planning, although the list
is not exhaustive:

Art Deco
Hollywood Glam
Mid Century Modern
Shabby chic

When looking at different design styles you will instantly know which ones you love and which
ones you don’t. Don’t feel you have to have the same style running throughout every room in
your home as each room can be different and often that makes it feel more quirky and unique.
Think about the style and period of your home as well when you’re planning but don’t be
completely guided by it.

You can mix and match and as an example have a Victorian property
with modern decor and often this will make it stand out even more.

Other Considerations

Other things to think about when deciding on your design style are; how you will use your room,
what is the function of the room, who will use it, colours, hues, patterns, storage and last but not
least your layout.


Start to collect images that you like, either as magazine cutouts or snippets on a PowerPoint
slide and keep going back to them. This will help you make your decision on the style and
colours you want to go for and will help ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes. Often
you will add an idea but when it all comes together you’ll realise it doesn’t quite fit or look right
when together with everything else.

Think about furniture, storage, lighting, window coverings, flooring, artwork, accessories and
add images to your room’s mood board so you can start to see it all come together.

Upcycling Ideas

Whilst you’re planning keep an eye out for any second furniture you could upcycle to fit the style
of your room. Become a member of local selling sites and keep checking Facebook marketplace
for any bargains. Keep a lookout in your local charity shops or recycling centres and you’ll find
some amazing pieces of furniture that you can upcycle to complement your design.

There are so many amazing ideas out there now when it comes to upcycling and you really
don’t have to spend a fortune to create a standout piece of furniture for your room. Older
furniture tends to be more sturdy and of better quality and can make your home feel really
decadent and special. Whether it’s a chest of drawers or bedside cabinets in your bedroom, a
side cabinet, drinks cabinet, TV stand or bookcase for your living room, once you start your
upcycle journey you won’t want to stop.


When you have your room design finalised you should prepare your room so you are starting
with a blank canvass. Prepare your walls for painting or wallpapering, make sure you have the
light fittings you want and the electric points in the right places for your room layout. You don’t
want to make the mistake of decorating and then realising the messy preparation stage is notquite finished and you have to go back a step.

To help you choose your paint colours and wallpaper buy some tester pots and paint an area of
your wall or hang a sample of the wallpapers you like. Quite often you won’t get this right the
first time as the natural light will be different in your room to the shop or it will look different to
how you have seen it online.

When you have finished your planning and preparation you can start your decorating and this
really is the fun part as it will quickly start to fall into shape.

Upcycling Tips

Alongside your decorating, or when you’ve finished you can start your upcycling of the items
you’ve collected for free or brought. There are some amazing upcycling products available now
which are safe to use and make your upcycling projects easy and enjoyable.

We would always recommend that you strip back any wood products to their original surface
and this will often help you decide if you want to keep it as a wood finish with wax or varnish, or
maybe you decide to give it a lick of paint with some of the amazing chalk paints that are now

Be aware, once you’re a dab hand with your upcycling products and you’ve tried them out on
some pieces of furniture you may even decide to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom. By
stripping them back and giving them a lick of paint you will save yourself thousands and often
keep the authenticity of a home rather than a new MDF kitchen, bathroom or cabinetry.

Upcycling furniture, kitchens, bathrooms or cabinetry will save you thousands compared to
buying new, your home will be unique and you’ll feel amazingly proud of what you have

Author Bio: Martyn Lenthall works with the marketing team at Eco Solutions and helps to
provide expert knowledge to past, present and future customers on a variety of DIY, upcycling
and home decor projects.

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