Facial Bed: Types and Materials

Facial beds are the center of a spa treatment room. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs that match perfectly in any spa salon. Spa salons usually match their facial bed to the aesthetics and theme of the shop or salon. It’s always fun to design and match things up!

Most facial beds found in salons are made out of hydraulics, metal, plastic, and deluxe materials that make them sleeker-looking and durable because of the good quality of material used.

Some spa owners have this common type of facial bed. This facial bed is the basic one-motor massage bed. This design is best for a smaller spa treatment room. Very convenient for the legs are adjustable on how high you want the bed to be. And it has wheels which is much better because it will be a lot easier and very light to move from one place to another. Wheels make it easier for salons who offer home services as well as those who require a lot of movement inside their shops. This facial bed will not occupy too much space, which is good for a small size spa room.

The second design that you usually see in a spa salon is the two-motor massage table and chair. This one is adjustable on the legs and backrest portion of the mentioned product. It Is the user’s desire on how high he wants the bed to tilt. 

The third one looks like another version of the basic one motor massage bed, but with a little twist. This design of this facial bed can be folded into two. Adjustable legs and have wheels. And also the upper part of the bed, where you can put your face comfortably. The third one is more high-tech, advanced, and elegant looking. This chair has a lot to offer. They allow customers to have comfortable treatments such as waxing, brows, and body treatments. This facial bed is called a hydraulic massage bed and table.

It has a control on the adjustments of legs and back position, depending on what the customers want. These types of facial ed can also be seen in a dental clinic. The looks of it are quite similar to them but in different models. 

A lot of salons also have facial beds with built-in drawers under them. This way, the space, and the product are maximized into something where you can store stuff too. The drawer is a big help for it will use as the oils, scented candles, and tools storage areas. It will also keep the surroundings neat and clean because the oils and tools are stored in the drawers and cabinets. Today, lots of modern types of facial beds are available in your market. They have a remote control facial bed where you can use the remote in adjusting how high the back portion is tilted. Very convenient and easy to use.

There are a lot of facial beds in the market, but these three are the common facial beds you see in a spa salon. These facial beds that speak elegance and comfort are usually quite pricey, but most of the time, stores offer reasonable prices. A facial bed is an investment, so it pays to know the quality, material, and aesthetic of the bed. If you are to invest in something, it would be essential to invest in something that satisfies your taste. The price ranges from 100 dollars and above. Some may think it’s quite pricey but durable. Good quality is more important than anything else. Nothing is more important than the durability of an item.

This way you wouldn’t mind if you had to buy a replacement every other year. The facial beds can last for more than three years, depending on the establishment’s maintenance. Having facial beds doesn’t need high maintenance, so this also saves a lot of money and effort. The common dimensions of a facial bed are 72 x 24 x 26 inches, weighing 300 pounds and above, just enough for a small room. You can put it in the center of your spa treatment room and still have enough space to move around the area.

Facial Bed In Your Salon

If you have a spa salon and are looking for the best one that suits your salon, then take a look at these things first. If you are looking for an economical option and less expensive facial beds or tables, then you may consider having tattoo chairs and massage tables. This is a lot cheaper because of the simple design, lightweight but less professional looking compared to the others. The durability is good because it will last for more than two years and less maintenance. 


The second one is if you are looking for a professional-looking that has a high quality, then get the electric facial treatment bed. This bed can rotate up to 240 degrees and weigh 350 pounds max load. It may cost a lot, but the quality is worth it. It will last for more than four years of use, depending on how well you handle it. The third thing that you may consider is having a professional-looking facial bed but at a cheaper cost. A lot of facial beds are in the market and waiting for their new owners. Checking it personally is the best idea. This way, you know first-hand rather than staring at photos online. This way, you can check for the possible defects and how the quality and price match really well. 


However, if you have no choice but to opt-in to online shops, it’s advantageous and critical to read the reviews under the product. The last thing you may consider is buying it online. This is risky because you will not know if the product doesn’t have defects until it arrives at your doorway. Convenient for it will be delivered to you but riskier than buying one personally. Choosing the best quality of facial beds is still not enough to say that the product is durable, depending on how you take care and handle it with care. Good maintenance makes the product last longer, even if it is low quality or less expensive.

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