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How Do Condo Movers Toronto Carry Heavy Items?

Carrying items without a lever or axial can be tricky. Condo movers Toronto who don’t have a load-carrying machine carry the boxes using their backs. This way, the hipbone supports the load well, and they can see where they are going. 

One rule of carrying items on your body is that you should not hurt yourself, and you also always make sure you can see where you are heading. Boxes can be big and heavy, and the easiest way to carry them is on your back by using straps or other means. Learn more about how condo movers Toronto move items during the moving process.

Tie Them With A Strap

Tying four or five boxes with a strap and carrying them on your back is one easy way of transporting the boxes in larger numbers. However, the number of packs you put on your back depends on their weight and size. 

This carrying technique can be risky for amateurs because there is a chance of dropping them. Another factor to consider when carrying boxes this way is what is in the box. Avoid taking boxes with breakable items this way. 

Amateurs should begin training themselves in this carrying technique with one or two boxes of non-breakables. To correctly distribute the weight of the box on your hips, arrange the boxes from the lightest to the heaviest from bottom to top. 

It is also important to note that heavy items strain your heart. Carrying heavy items this way from floor to floor can be dangerous. To be safe, hire professional condo movers Toronto. If you cannot get the best apartment movers in Toronto, ensure you carry smaller items and rest between the movements. Overloading items in order to finish the moving process faster can be dangerous, not only to your safety but also to the things you are moving could fall down and break.

How To Lift And Carry Heavy Items

When lifting a heavy item, always begin by squatting in front of the load. Bend your knees and grab the items bringing them closest to you as possible. Use your strong leg muscles to lift yourself and ensure your back is straight. 

One pro tip when lifting items; always bend your knees and not your back when picking items from a lower position. Bending your back can wrench it. Also, be careful when putting the load down. If you want to turn when carrying the load, turn with the whole body. Start with the legs, then the other body. 

Keep your back aligned straight and balanced when dropping the load. Start by bending your knees, and then allow the bag to slide slowly from your hands to the ground until it is safe to drop. 

Two People Carrying A Heavy Load

If the load is carried by two men, let them walk facing each other. One of the people will not be seeing the direction they are moving to, but that’s not a significant disadvantage. When climbing stairs, the person on top usually has a lighter load than the one at the bottom. 

Although the front person might be tempted to walk facing in front and away from the other person, they may not give enough grip on the load and there is a danger of tripping and falling the item they are carrying. This is because they are moving away from the load. If the two people face each other, the person walking backward can get directions of where they are stepping from the other person. 

When moving on stairs, the person at the bottom moves slowly to allow the other person first to feel the stairs using his feet and step on them correctly. The carrying work becomes more accessible when the two people communicate well to avoid injuries. 

Carrying Heavy Items Down The Stairs

When carrying heavy items like a dresser down or up the stairs, use a strong strap. A humpstrap would be ideal. When moving it, keep your back upright.  As an amateur, have somebody else to help you lift the item and balance it on your back before you start moving. Also, ensure the thing is securely and tightly wrapped using the humpstrap because significant injuries can occur if it drops.

While you can move items by yourself. It is always recommended to hire professional condo movers Toronto to help you move apartments. While you will incur some costs, they are a guaranteed way to keep your belongings safe during relocation and saves you time to do other important things. 

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