Enhance Your Home Interior with Blown Glass Ornaments

It’s all good and well to furnish your home with luxury furniture, glamorous curtains, and valuable painting. But a home isn’t a pretty human residence if it’s not a little charming, glitzy, and inviting! Hence, all your efforts may fall flat if you forget about adding a bit of sparkle to your decor. Numerous elements could solve that issue, but nothing is as elegant as blown glass ornaments.

In general, people tend to care about decorating ornamentals in and around Christmas. After all, a Christmas isn’t complete without endlessly looking at the accessories hanging by the tree, getting lost in fond memories. However, you don’t necessarily have to wait till December 25 for a trip down memory lanes; you can do so anytime you are at home. All you have to do is add some beautiful glassware here and there to add charm and class to your home.

How to Decor with Blown Glass Ornaments?

Long before interior designers started incorporating metal ornamentation into the decor, different glasswares became prominent in people’s homes. You can find its trace some hundreds of years back, but they still didn’t lose their appeal a bit. Indeed, they have changed in shapes, forms, and designs to comply with the ever-changing taste of the users.

In recent years, blown glass ornaments have become slightly less glitzy and more elegant in design, complementing the minimalist aesthetic of the time. So, while decorating with them, you should be in check of not going too overboard. As glass naturally reflects lights, choose from monochromatic colours or brown if the space is bright. Otherwise, you can go for a bit of red, blue, amethyst, etc. While at it, you can easily enhance the royalty of the decor by adding a couple of gold and silver pieces.

All the usual considerations that apply to interior decor are prevalent here as well. Meaning, you should consider the overall atmosphere and composition of different elements before adding glass ornament. For example, a blown glass human-figure sculpture may suit better in an expansive hallway as a standalone piece, while glass animals may sit better on your living room coffee table. On the other hand, exquisite flower vases can be put on your shelves, on top of your sideboards and dining table. You should still find a size that is well-proportioned to the entire setting.

How to tell if it’s blown glass?

As blown glass ornaments don’t come cheap, you should take extra care to ensure that you are investing in the real thing. Typically, you should be able to spot a pinched area around the lip of an item caused by the blown glass tube. The glass should also be a little asymmetric, as no two handcrafted glass items can ever be the same. Nonetheless, the best is always to opt for a renowned Italian brand like Sogni di Cristallo. A fine crafting heritage added with Made in Italy quality assurance can’t go wrong, can it?

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