Dated RV Gets Modern Redo – Before and After Photos

Take this RV reno by Renee and Shaun Tilby (The Flippin’ Tilbys) as the ultimate prototype. While this 2005 Crossroads 5th Wheel had a great layout and high ceilings, it was dated. “We knew it was the perfect canvas for a beautiful and welcoming renovation,” Renee says. “We were just going to have to make some pretty big changes. It had all the bones to be amazing, it just needed some new life and energy.”

The drab colors and dated finishes left the space uninviting and feeling old and dirty — “even though the RV had been well maintained.”

To add some life back into the home on wheels, the DIY duo went with green for the kitchen and back wall for a bold and fun change. The leather and wood elements play on the green, creating a homey feel.

They added a fresh coat of white paint elsewhere in the RV, and ended up with a bright and inviting space.

After a couple months, the couple had perfected the ultimate glamping RV, all for $8,000. Set back by some technical issues that required some new roofing and rewiring, the sidetracks and repairs added to the total cost. (Renee recommends using Google Sheets to document expenses, as it’s “easy to totally lose track of how much you spent.”)

“I love the inviting, homey, subtle Western feel,” Renee says. “I wanted it to feel like a beautiful, high-end, modern cabin in the mountains of Montana, and I think we achieved that.”

Renee’s advice for anyone interested in taking on an RV renovation project? “Seek out help, be ready to learn, be okay making mistakes, and have fun! RV renovating is such a rewarding process as long as you are realistic about your time, budget, and skills.”

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