5 Ways to Modernize Your Home with Acrylic Furniture

In the 1930s, a unique material called “Lucite” emerged in the world of furniture design. It was clear plexiglass, the same material used in the era’s fighter jets cockpits. Product manufacturers and designers were curious about the durable material and began experimenting with different ways to use it. As furniture, it was unconventional, sleek and brought an element of fun to every room.

Acrylic furniture hit its peak in popularity in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but it still finds a place in interior design today. If you don’t mind taking a little risk or injecting something unexpected into a room, an acrylic furniture piece might fit the bill. Here are five ways to add a modern statement, with the help of acrylic furniture, to your home.

Go “Clear” in Your Home Office

In today’s work-from-home culture, many things stand in for a home office desk. For some, it’s the kitchen table or a nook; others opt for a traditional, large wooden desk in a designated home office or den. The type of work you do and the demands of your home office may dictate how large, small or even what type of desk you prefer. 

An acrylic desk, however, can add a dash of stylish functionality to any home office. Acrylic desks can be found in a wide range of sizes. Many have rounded corners and intriguing, wavy designs. With a clear desk, you might need to get creative with hiding printer cords, modems and the like, and you’ll want to minimize clutter to enjoy the full effect. If you’re really in the mood to take a big risk, buy one with a green or red tint!

Give Table Seating a Shot of Color

Speaking of color, while acrylic’s bold clear look is what it’s most known for, color-tinted acrylic furniture can do wonders in a number of places. Give your dining room table seating a boost by swapping in some lively tinted acrylic chairs that are sure to spark some fun mealtime conversation. A bold, hot red will stand out against a wood or metal table. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can contrast a color-tinted chair against a clear dining room table as well.

Give Decorative Pieces the Attention They Deserve (or Not)

Acrylic furniture can help you highlight an artistic statement piece. The table may catch the attention first, just by virtue of the fact that it’s clear. It may also give the impression of objects levitating in space, depending on where you put it. But in the end, clear acrylic tables like the half oval in the picture fade into the background, making the items you place atop it easily stand out. 

Coffee Anyone?

Today’s designers love to create environments where furniture eras mingle. Some will embrace a wildly eclectic look, juxtaposing a sleek piece with contemporary lines against a rustic dresser or other contrasting furnishings in great rooms or open spaces. The farmhouse style is probably one of the best examples of the way mixing vintage and modern in a home can work.

The drive to blend styles is the reason acrylic furniture remains relevant. It’s also the reason a clear acrylic coffee table does a great job of shaking up the look of a traditional living room. They’re functional, durable and, with rounded edges on most designs, they’re usually pretty safe if you have little ones learning to crawl or walk in the area. So, go ahead, add that silly, wavy coffee table next to that tuxedo arm, retro-chic Mid-Mod sofa or a bulky love seat for a splash of contemporary you and your guests will enjoy!

Weave in the Little Stuff

If you’re not sure about incorporating larger pieces yet, layer in smaller ones. Simple, clear acrylic boxes like the ones pictured here can be used to display a championship ball or rustic antique. You can also use acrylic storage containers in kitchens to hold recipe ingredients or kitchen utensils, or in the bathroom for toothbrushes and combs.  There are many tasteful ways to add acrylic into a design without feeling you’ve overdone it. You can even incorporate acrylic into your hosting duties. 

 Final Thoughts

Acrylic furniture can be sleek and elegant or playful and fun while still being tremendously useful and durable. If an acrylic piece inspires a conversation with a guest, you’ve probably made a good choice. Let acrylic furniture inspire you to be adventurous with design, too. So many of today’s interior designers love to blend traditional and contemporary elements. That’s why acrylic furniture may be that perfect modern touch to a space in your home.

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