5 Home Projects and Renovations That Often Go Overlooked

Most people are aware of the typical home projects and renovations that tend to pop up on the list, but here’s the thing – many other projects are just as important and deserve your consideration. Whether you are interested in bettering the functionality of your home or you just want to make it more stylish and welcoming, here are five home projects and renovations that you may want to put on your “to-do” list.

Clean Out the Gutters

Ask yourself when you last checked the gutters? Did you know your gutters play a pivotal role in making sure water flows away from your home rather than pooling? If they get clogged up with debris and leaves, they won’t be able to do their job. 

Autumn is the perfect time to clean out the gutters, once all the leaves have finished falling. It ensures your home is ready for winter and the spring thaw that will follow.

Highlight Your Landscaping with the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Plan

Landscaping is something that homeowners often put a lot of energy into, creating a space that looks beautiful and works for their specific needs. But if you’ve gone to the trouble to landscape the exterior, then it makes sense to light it properly. 

To get the most from your outdoor lighting, you need a thoughtful plan and design. You don’t just want to slap random lights around the space and call it a day. The lighting needs to make sense, add beauty, create ambiance, ensure all important areas are well lit. Make use of different styles of lighting to create interest.

Give the Front Door a Fresh New Look

Another renovation project that doesn’t always get the credit it deserves is painting your front door. If you want your house to stand out, look fresh and modern, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, giving it a fresh coat of paint is the perfect solution. You can choose a bright statement color, or a color that compliments or is found in the exterior of your home.

Install a Fresh Furnace Filter

If you like quick and easy projects, this one is for you. Did you know that your furnace filter should be changed a couple of times of the year? If you have pets, it may need to be more than a couple of times a year. The filter works to trap hair and allergens, so if it gets too dirty it can’t perform properly.

Swap Out the Dated Light Fixtures

When was the last time you replaced the light fixtures in your home? Maybe they’ve been the same ones since the day you moved in. All too often, overhead light fixtures get overlooked, but the fact is that they play a big role in the design and feel of the room. A light fixture can bring a design together, make the space feel more elegant, and ensure there are no dark pockets in the room.

Update Your Project and Renovation List

After going through this list of projects and renovations, you may want to re-prioritize your to-do list.

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