5 Artistic Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

People often say that home is where the heart lives. Why? Home is a backdrop to your life and a reflection of your personality, feelings, and, yes, even your moods. Therefore, to ensure that your heart is beating just right, your home must be a perfect sanctuary made just for you. 

Creating both an inviting and comfortable space may require your investment of a considerable amount of time and effort. However, the returns will far outweigh your investment. To get you started, the artistic ideas below will guide you.

Color Your World

The first step, enhance any room in your home by adding color doing so creatively. The number of ways to add color is endless. You could add a few brightly colored throw blankets or pillows and cushions of complementary patterns and hues. Do pillows and cushions not reflect your personality? Opt to hang up a vibrantly colored piece of artwork in a room and touch it up with an elegant floral arrangement. 


Another option is to buy colored kitchen appliances and furniture or even paint your walls, floors, ceilings, or cabinets. 

As you add colors to liven up your home, keep in mind that colors affect emotions and sentiments. For instance, blue invites a feeling of serenity, yellow stirs up feelings of happiness, while red speaks with excitement. 

Bring in The Outdoors

Consider another route to take to liven up your space. Bring in organic and natural elements to add a relaxing and fresh feeling to a room. You could go for the traditional indoor plants and flowers option or choose to incorporate pieces of straw, wood, seashells, stones, and so on. 

Does the idea of wood appeal to you? Experiment with different wooden decorations, such as wooden coasters, candle holders, shelves, wall hangings, and paintings like the ones at Noble Portrait to give your home a sophisticated and sleek finish. 


Candles are another creative home décor addition designed to enhance the inviting ambiance of a space. People light candles to create a relaxed atmosphere that screams serenity and comfort. Candles not only exude beauty, light, and warmth. They also come in unique designs, shapes, and sizes and create interesting lighting designs.


Mirrors are also a brilliant home décor element because they serve two purposes in a room. Mirrors create a feeling of enhanced space while reflecting light from windows. Try to source for different mirror shapes and sizes and use them in a variety of ways from room to room. In one room, use the mirrors as a decorative window piece. While in another room, as a statement object. And in the next room as a focal point. Place mirrors in your entryway to reflect natural light into the room. Mirrors placed along your corridors or staircases create a spacious look and feel to the space.


Last but not least, on our list of ideas to liven up your home. Explore various lighting options to create a different mood and ambiance for each room. 

You could incorporate a combination of table and floor lamps of varying designs and shapes in your living room for a flattering glow and calming feel. For the bedrooms, you could opt for bedside lamps and low-watt lighting instead of overpowering lighting and a stylish chandelier for your dining room.


For home décor, everyone has their unique taste and preferences. Your home décor is an extension and reflection of your personality. Therefore, try to decorate your home with more than what you see in advertisements. Try to mix things up and play the artist any way that appeals to you to decorate and enliven your home in innovative ways.

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