4 Benefits of NNN Lease Agreement That Gives Landlords An Easy Time

The NNN lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant. In addition to the basic rent, the tenant pays for taxes, insurance, and building maintenance.  The NNN lease agreement requires the tenant to be responsible for the day-to-day operations and tenant improvements while meeting specific landlord-imposed requirements. Triple Net Lease (NNN) provides significant benefits for tenants and landlords.

NNN Lease Agreement

The nnn meaning triple net in real estate is a lease agreement that minimizes your expenses as a property owner. Using this type of lease, the tenant covers property expenses such as taxes, insurance, maintenance, and repair costs in addition to the basic rental payment. On the other hand, all income sources generated by the property go to the landlord.

Helps Spare More Time for The Landlord

With the triple net lease (NNN lease), the tenant incurs maintenance expenses and maintains their units shouldering off time and maintenance costs from the landlord. The agreement leaves the landlord with more time to work on other projects that can generate income, such as developing a house or land.

One of the most important benefits of the NNN lease rental agreement is that it will give the landlord more time to focus on projects that generate more income and reduce the stress of dealing with tenants’ complaints all the time. The agreement also helps create more time to focus on internal business procedures.

Long Term Contracts Lowers Vacancy Periods

NNN lease usually involves long-term contracts, which helps lower vacancy rates through stability in the real estate and drops the cost of finding new tenants. A triple net, NNN lease, is an effective way of renting industrial or retail space to tenants over a long period.

The triple net lease is becoming a common rental type for commercial real estate and medical facilities and can be very appealing to both landlords and property investors. The main advantage of such a long-term contract is that neither party takes vacancy risk.

Consistent Equity Building Returns

NNN space lease guarantees possible equity growth since, with such leases, occupants pay for real estate taxes, property insurance, and maintenance. With rents increasing and the occupier having to shoulder all the expenses, it’s common to realize possible equity building returns when you lease out your building through a triple net (NNN) space lease to commercial or industrial tenants. The reliable cash flow helps build equity and wealth over time.

Offers Quicker Economic Recoveries to The Landlords

NNN lease is a rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord where the tenant pays for all taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and utility bills. The leasing method is more common among retail businesses like restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment complexes. 

NNN lease is a smooth business operation as the tenants absorb expenses that would otherwise go to the landlord. Hence, NNN renal agreement results in higher net income with lower overhead costs, thus leading to quicker economic recoveries to the landlords, enabling them to make more returns on their investment properties.


NNN lease is a straightforward method of providing valuable benefits to both the landlords and the tenants. It is a financial structure you may want to consider if you’re looking for better returns on your real estate investment. You can contact Sands Investment Group for guidance on all matters about the triple net, NNN, lease agreements.

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