3 Tips For Moving Abroad

Relocating to a different country is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Leaving family and friends to start a new life is always daunting, but those nerves can be even more profound when there’s a language and cultural barrier. There are practical difficulties too. Crossing borders is a much more complex process than just moving to a different city.

 Consider renting before you buy

If you’ve found the perfect property in the perfect location, secured your dream job, and now eagerly await starting your new life, it can be tempting to leap straight in. Purchasing a property is a massive commitment, though, especially if you’ve not spent a great deal of time in the new country. Buying outright is essentially a finite decision that’s difficult to quickly reverse if your new life doesn’t quite match up to your expectations. There are lots of reasons why this might be the case, but renting is an easy solution.

Renting first allows you to get familiar with the area, meet new people, find all the local amenities, and generally get a taste for the culture. Better still, it allows you to take a closer look at the property market, possibly securing a better price/property in the long run. Consider renting first as a safety net. It’s a way of getting a feel for the new country without being tied down.

Plan the move in advance

Once you’re set on the move, it pays to plan a long, long time in advance. Relocating to a different country (especially if that country is overseas) is a fraught process, and costs can add up quickly. A furniture shipping search engine like Shiply makes it much easier to find, compare, and eventually hire the right moving company. Comparing companies rather than approaching them directly makes all the difference. You’ll be able to get estimates on price, delivery times, and even the types of insurance offered on your items.

Elsewhere, you’ll need to sort out employment rights a long time in advance. Healthcare is another big area of concern. Medical laws vary wildly between countries, but you’ll need to have some kind of cover in place from day one should the worst happen. Driving licenses, tax information, and even your residential status all need to be considered well before you make a move. 

 Find social groups online

The prospect of moving to a new country is thrilling, but the outcome can be lonely for some. Meeting people is difficult, especially with the language barrier, but you can prepare in advance. Search for local expat communities online before you leave, send messages, and generally network so that you have a ready-made social scene upon arrival. Better still, look for local clubs that you can join. Reach out and introduce yourself.

This has the additional benefit of giving you a schedule and places to go early. There will be many administrative tasks to complete directly after the move, which can distract from establishing a social life. By getting in contact with people early you ensure that you have social engagements ready.

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