10 Efficient Floor Plan Designs for your New Home Office

Now, more than ever before, people are working from home. If you’re one of the millions of workers making your home your work base, you need a home office that works for you. These easy office ideas make it possible to stay organized and get work done more efficiently.

Open Plan

For many people, an open plan floor plan is a really great choice for a home office. That lets them get the things they want done and accomplish other things such as putting dinner in place at the same time. Open plans also make it easy if you are working at home with a spouse.

Small Walls

Another option so many people like is having an office with lots of small walls. This lets you designate specific spaces for varied work activities while still preserving your privacy. Using remodeling estimating software can help you reconfigure your existing space better.


An office may need to serve many purposes at the same time. You’ll want to have an office that contains elements that let you do things such as invite guests over for a the night or has space for your favorite hobbies. Furnishings that can be moved as needed also allow you to put things away at the end of the work day.

An Separate Basement Entrance

It’s always nice to have your own dedicated space. A basement with a separate entrance is a great choice if you have room there. Put in an entryway if you can along with your own private, dedicated bathroom. This is one way to keep it professional while still enjoying that easy commute.

Shared Bedroom Space

If space is at a premium, you might have to use your home office for other activities at the same time. A bedroom makes a great place to have a home office. Consider a futon or a couch with a fold up bed. That will free up more space for use in the room when you’re working.

Showing Off a Lovely View

One of the best things about working at home is that you can often pick where you’d like to work. If you have a fabulous view across your garden, position the home office so it captures this scene. A desk and chairs that look out on a meadow or local river is a great way to feel relaxed at work.

Part Time Work

Working part time is very common. Many people choose to work part time for a wide variety of reasons. They might have childcare commitments or they’re completing additional education. If you work part time, you’ll still need to have an office space of your own at home. Consider a space that can do a lot of other things. For example your own corner of the kitchen with a small desk can work nicely and let you have a separate space.

A Space Of Your Own

Any truly functional office space should allow you the ability to customize it to your needs. For example, if you spend a lot of time on the phone, you’ll to ensure the person on the other end can hear what you have to say. A screen that offers privacy and lets you hear their voice is ideal. Other options should include room to expand in case you take on more clients. Look for unused space in your house such as a breakfast area or part of the dining room. Think about your future plans as you work right now.

Room For Your Best Work

Many modern homes have a specific space just for a home office. This is a chance for the homeowner to create the kind of space they need most. A door that opens and closes easily is an excellent idea. The same is true of a window of your own to allow natural light. Add window treatments that help keep it light and private. Bring in chairs that allow for comfortable in person meetings. A large desk in the center of it can help you remain focused. A good home office plan will also have an easy way to get in and out each day.

Lots of Storage

Lots of storage is imperative. Any home office plan should have lots places where you can keep your laptop. It should also have room for other items you need over the course of a workday such as your printer and cellphone. Set up shelving against the way to keep other items such as books and other reference materials that you need as you work.

These office plans make it easy to get things at work done and enjoy the many benefits of working at home.

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