10 Designers Share the One Trend They Want to See More of in 2022

Yes, you may still be processing 2019, but believe it or not, 2022 is right around the corner, and with each new year comes new home trends that will make major waves. That said, there are still some looks from 2021 that pros hope will stick around quite a bit longer. Read on to learn more about the top 10 trends designers are eager to continue seeing in 2022.

2. Individuality — Lots of It

“My desire is to see homeowners really start to embrace a sense of individuality in their interiors. Really moving away from a one-size-fits-all decor mentality into a realm of personalization that says, ‘Forget the masses; I’m going to cultivate an interior that is filled with items that have meaning for me.’ Perhaps an upcycled sofa that once belonged to mom — newly recovered in a fab performance denim fabric that is as hard wearing as it is comfortable. Or maybe a curbside coffee table find that started life a dark espresso can now be painted the perfect hue of bright red.” —Charmaine Wynter, founder of Charmaine Wynter Interiors in Southlake, Texas

4. Bold Layering of Pattern and Color

“As people continue to spend more time at home, I’m finding that many clients are more comfortable with graphic prints and deep hues that liven up their space and excite the eye. I hope to see this maximalist design approach in 2022, where patterned upholstery, rugs, walls, and accessories are brought together in unexpected yet inspiring harmony.” —Liza Kuhn, founder of Liza Kuhn Interiors in New Jersey

5. Milk Glass Hardware and Lighting

“An all-time personal favorite of mine, milk glass hardware and lighting inject a nostalgic style element all while keeping really fresh and clean with its pure white glossy finish. One of my favorite spots to utilize the material is on doorknobs. It gives a door an unexpected pop all while being really flexible with any color palette or design aesthetic. As I am making plans and working on my new home, I will most definitely be including a healthy amount of milk glass throughout the space!” —Megan Hopp, principal and founder of Megan Hopp Design in New York City

6. Bold Color Palettes and Florals

“I’II find myself gravitating towards details that add an old-world charm back into design, so I’d love to see the use of more bold color palettes and florals in 2022. This powder bath design we worked on recently embodies that concept; I love that everything doesn’t feel bright, shiny, and new.” —Mindy Gayer, principal designer and founder of Mindy Gayer Design Co. in Orange County, California

7. Fewer Open Floor Plans

“As we continue to spend more time at home, people are craving distinct spaces for different times of day. Defining separate spaces for dining, working, exercising, and relaxing creates a daily rhythm by signaling the transitions from one part of the day to the next. It is a luxury to leave the dishes out of sight for a moment while you enjoy a family meal in a proper dining room, and closing the office door helps put work out of mind for the evening.” —Madeline Merin, founder of Madeline Merin Interiors in New York City

8. Statement-Making Marble

“It seems that every project we are working on right now wants to incorporate natural stone with movement and color, and we are here for it.  Gone are the almost-white marble countertops. Subtlety is being replaced with drama — hello veining! ” —Andrea Britt Pietragallo, founder of Britt Design Studio in Ridgewood, New Jersey

9. A Dedicated Entertaining Space

“With people feeling more comfortable being in other people’s homes, I hope to see the return of the dedicated entertaining spaces for adults: think built-in bars, swanky sitting areas, elaborate cocktails, and evenings filled with many toasts. Let’s start celebrating again.” —Lisa Furtado, principal designer and founder of Lisa Furtado Interiors in the Bay Area

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